In Sri Lanka – an ILGA member organisation
To assist with the relief and rebuilding programs in Sri Lanka, one of the worst affected countries in Asia, ILGA has set up a special account to facilitate donations to EQUAL GROUND
EQUAL GROUND has been assisting with disaster relief in Sri Lanka since the very first day and works closely with a consortium of NGO’s sending relief to the East coast of the island – an area that is completely and utterly devastated by the Tsunami.

It is hoped that the assistance and involvement of EQUAL GROUND in the relief and rehabilitation process will send a clear message to the people of Sri Lanka that it is a future without difference and without prejudice that is envisioned for the country, where people from different backgrounds, ethnicities, sexes, religions, sexual orientations and gender identities work together to rebuild the nation.

Although EQUAL GROUND is primarily a LGBTIQ organization it is reaching out to all persons regardless of their ethnicity, sexual orientation, gender identity, religion or social background. EG will be also contributing to affected LGBTIQ pesons who seek assistance.

Please send your contributions to:

Bank: Fortis Bank
Address: avenue Paul De Jaer, 2; B-1060 Brussels; Belgium Account name: ILGA Equal Ground

Contributions within Belgium
Account number: 001-4478017-88

Contributions from outside Belgium
IBAN BE56001447801788

Credit card donations can be made through the ILGA website. Please specify that it is for EQUAL GROUND.

Equal Ground