A letter to the President of the European Parliame
I turn to you to bring Britain to take its responsibility towards unfair dismissing genuine gay asylum applications
Hamburg 19th,12,2004

Dear President of the EU Parliament, Your honourable Mr Josep Borell Fontelles.

Your Excellency,

I thank you very much for your letter dated 28th of November 2004 and signed By Mr Jean.Louis Cougnon assuring that the European Parliament opposes all kind of discrimination against Homosexuals.

According to reports coming from homosexuals organizations in England, Gay asylum-seekers who have been beaten up, arrested, jailed, tortured, raped and threatened with death are being deported back to their countries of origin on the orders of the Home Office. These statements have been issued by Mr Peter Tatchell of the gay human rights group Outrage. I must declare that my organization has been observing many of these cases coming from all around the European Union.

It is the aim of the European Union to uphold the rights of those who are discriminated whether they come from the inside of the Union or from the outside.

The suicide in England of the Iranian fearing deportation and that immolated himself is only one of many cases that our LGBT communities can report.

During centuries, people have had to leave their country to save themselves from persecutions, military conflicts and violence. In spite of the democratic orientation of the states of the world, the refugees' problem remains current in our century.

The right to asylum is recognised as a fundamental right at the international level only by the Universal Declaration of Human Rights of 1948 which, in article 14, considers it to be universal where there is a risk of persecution in the Country of origin. By guaranteeing the prohibition of the death penalty, torture or other inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment, the other international texts on the protection of human rights indirectly imply the existence of a right to asylum in order to avoid such treatment or punishment. These texts indeed clearly establish the right not to be expelled or extradited towards a State in which there is a serious risk of being subject to such treatment or punishment (the principle of not turning-back).

If we follow the mentality of the adjudicators saying that gay people will not be at risk of victimisation in violently homophobic countries like Jamaica, Iran, Algeria and Zimbabwe if they hide their identity, avoid effeminate mannerisms, and either never have sex or have sex with extreme discretion-- that would mean that we have to give up our long term-struggle, our Gay life, our dignity, our culture, our virtues and enter into a dominated heterosexual thinking philosophy.

It is our main aim not to separate ourselves from the mainstream but to create an Union that listen to the problems of the people, to create an European movement that will bring European from all points on the political spectrum together, in The EU Parliament as well as in cafes, bookstores, churches and living rooms for lively, open-hearted dialogue to consider questions essential to the future of our democracy and the future of a real united Europe.

1. The international community has increasingly expressed a consensus that human rights education constitutes a fundamental contribution to the realization of human rights. Human rights education aims at developing an understanding of everybody’s common responsibility to make human rights a reality in each community and in the society at large. In this sense, it contributes to the long-term prevention of human rights abuses and violent conflicts, to the promotion of equality and sustainable development and the enhancement of people’s participation in decision-making processes within democratic system, as stated in resolution 2004/71 of the Commission on Human Rights.

Governments often argue that refugee's fears are exaggerated or untrue. Refugees are protected from this argument by organisations who use evidence of human rights violations in the refugee's country to persuade the government to let them apply for asylum.

If Authorities concerning cases like asylum-seekers are in doubt that the person in question is telling the truth or not, they should turn themselves to collect advice and information from the more knowledgeable concern NGO.

In other words, we see the possibility of creating a culture of conversation that could transform our world based in our respect for Human Rights. To foster a more inclusive, empathetic and collaborative society by promoting constructive conversations and relationships among those who have differing values, world views, and positions about divisive public.

The experience of the European Union in the matter of asylum meets the three-fold need of cooperation between Member States, approximation of applicable criteria and procedures, and rational and equitable treatment of asylum requests while respecting fundamental rights.
Now, the decision to leave important matters unsettled is less valuable to man, less practical, less useful, and less workable, than a straightforward affirmation or denial. Since decision must be made in any case, it is better to have a clear decision than a muddled one. Therefore, a man should have "the will to believe" either one or other of the contradictory answers to important questions. Thus is the will invoked in the philosophic pursuit of truth.

Wisdom can make our personal lives run more smoothly, but many would say that its real importance is the effect that it has on the world. Fortunately, deep understanding of the kind labeled wisdom often leads to behaviour of a higher quality, to actions of a better kind, to lofty aims coupled with effective strategies. One place that wisdom is being manifested today is in the many non-governmental organizations that are working to transform our troubled modern society into one that reflects the integral vision.

Our purpose is to help each other, to create that society that we all dream of, but sadly, in their present forms, neither modernism nor postmodernism represent the cultural foundation which the world desperately needs if humanity is going to thrive in a long-term sustainable way. “Integration” is the integration of truths and ideas from whatever sphere of human knowledge we possess.

Human Rights based all form of human peace in all areas –in international politics as well as in national. They are due to each other and every individual. They are the seeds to the better world, to the knowledge, to the understanding and to the future of our coming generations.

With this appeal letter, I turn once more to you Your Excellency to use the power, the knowledge and the commitment that you possess to make member states uphold the human rights treaties and to bring Britain to take its responsibility towards unfair dismissing genuine gay asylum applications. It is a violation to Human Rights treaties.

Finally, in view of the above information, we urge you to act quickly to remedy this situation.
I thank you in advance for your time on this important matter.

Yours respectfully

Jimmy Leon
Coordinator for African-rapport
Educator activist for Amnesty International USA.
O´Swaldstrasse 7a
22111, Hamburg.Germany.

Jimmy Leon / African-rapport