For the first time in history
First political asylum in the United States for a trans activist from Argentina on account of persecution and discrimination
Buenos Aires, 15 December 2004 -
CHA, the Argentine Homosexual Community, reports that, for the first time in history, Immigration Court N° 26 of New York gave political asylum to
María Belén Correa, the head of ATTTA (A trans rights group), as a result of persecution faced by trans activists in Argentina.

Information pertaining to the case:
Court: Immigration Court 26 Federal Plaza 12th Floor Ofice
1237 New York (10278)
The Judge: Barbara A. Nelson - Immigration judge
Date: 8 December 2004 I was granted ASYLUM
Case Number: 495-872-192
Name: MARIA BELEN CORREA CARLOCCHIA upon receiving asylum was recognized
as a transsexual person, with an identity and name appropriate for the
gender, also legally recognized
Contact: María Belén Correa
Web Page:

The Comunidad Homosexual Argentina (CHA) wishes to emphasize María Belén Correa's accomplishments over the years and that of the organization ATTTA and its legal victory which sets a precedent in our struggle for our rights.

César Cigliutti

North America