Lesbians are everywhere
Lesbians have always been present in various civil society movements, with gay men’s organizations, in feminist groups, as well as in the artistic sphere and in the fight for decolonization and independence of their country. In recent decades lesbians have been present in the fight for equal rights for women of colour, aborigen women, and more broadly with feminist movements.

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The present publication, in English, is a collection of experiences from individuals worldwide involved in lesbian movements, civil society and human rights organizations. Credit was given to those lesbians* in many parts of the world who have led the way and those who are actively involved in fighting for the wellbeing and recognition of their rights.

Some of the positive examples illustrate that “history can be changed” and that some lesbian groups have managed to mainstream their concerns with those of other movements. Some have fought against apartheid and are denouncing racism, others are working towards building peace in their regions, some others are joining different discriminated and vulnerable groups. Lesbians have shown more solidarity than other groups and the recognition of this fact must follow.
Lesbians apply a revolutionary way of thinking that can be beneficial to all actors within our society fighting for equal rights and justice.

Sharing experiences and knowledge is a way to develop skills and being aware of those achievements is the first step towards empowerment and pride.
The report has a positive imprint and is aimed at strengthening the future of the lesbian movement rather than lingering on victimization.

This publication will also leave a lot of questions open such as: “What is feminism?”, “Are lesbian concerns more closely related to women issues or to gay issues?”. Here and there you will find an answer that may be contradicted a few pages later by an opposite experience. This is probably the indication of the diversity and complexity of lesbians’ movements.

This piece of work will hopefully raise your curiosity to learn more and be inspired about these different but closely related movements. It can also be used as a training tool to empower young, lesbian feminists within the LGBT movement and to raise awareness of mainstream organizations on the importance at dealing with lesbian rights.

Please do not hesitate to disseminate the publication, post it on your website and, above all, use it to get inspired and empowered in all your actions.

“Lesbians are everywhere” and we can be very proud of it.

Patricia Curzi
Women’s Project Coordinator

The term “lesbian” refers to any person who identifies herself as a lesbian, bisexual, butch, femme, androgyn, dyke, trans, queer or does not wish to be identified at all.

Thank you to Peggy Pierrot who assisted in making this publication available on line and in pdf version, see on top of the screen (In pdf, from the Content on page 3, you can click directly to your favourite chapter or text.)

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