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August 18-28 2005
Love without Borders: Jerusalem WorldPride 2005
Jerusalem, the Holy City, the city the world looks towards from east and west. With more than 5,000 years of recorded history, the very name evokes vivid images even in those who have not yet visited. Temples, mosques, and churches; the great city walls of honey-colored stone. For centuries Jerusalem has been home to vibrant and diverse communities with ancient traditions. They have contributed to the city’s unique atmosphere as a cultural crossroads and inspiration for faith.

For the past two years, this ancient city has welcomed a new tradition: Gay Pride. Inspired by optimism, energized by Jerusalem’s unique diversity, the Jerusalem Open House (JOH) has succeeded in creating a Pride celebration unlike any other. Love without Borders - Jerusalem Pride has already succeeded not only in attracting thousands of participants, but also in getting the world’s attention. It is “a protest against hatred” [BBC] providing “a spark of love and hope” [CNN]. It is the JOH’s annual signature event, as special as the city itself.

In 2005, WorldPride will come to Jerusalem . The 22nd annual conference of InterPride, held in October 2003 in Montreal, Canada with over 150 delegates from 51 cities from around the world in attendance, voted to accept the bid of the Jerusalem Open House to host WorldPride 2005 in the Holy City .

Jerusalem Open House