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ILGA Secretary general
Renato Sabbadini
Linguist by training, assistant to Professor Monica Berretta at the University of Bergamo (Italy, 1995-1998), first openly gay city councillor in Bergamo (Italy, 1995-2004), former assistant to Monica Frassoni, President of the Greens/EFA Group at the European Parliament (Belgium, 2004-2009), Renato Sabbadini has been in the LGBTI movement since 1992. He was elected treasurer of the main Italian gay organisation, Arcigay (1996-1997), spokesperson for the Worldpride Rome 2000 Coordination Committee (1997-1998), foreign affair person for Arcigay (2002-2007) and ILGA-Europe co-secretary (2007-2008).

In the last decade he has made several missions related to his mandate(s) in Russia, Cuba, Israel, Lebanon, United States, Syria and Iran.
Renato Sabbadini has been elected ILGA co-secretary general together with Gloria Careaga at the 30th ILGA Conference in Vienna (November 2008).

He speaks Italian, English, German, Spanish, French and Russian, lives in Brussels and can be reached at renato@ilga.org