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 Application Form Arc / Liu

Conference to be held in Geneva, December 2004
International Dialogue on Gender, Sexuality and Human Rights: Strategies for Change
North America
ARC International is working in collaboration with the Liu Institute for Global Issues to present a conference entitled "International Dialogue on Gender, Sexuality and Human Rights: Strategies for Change". The event will take place from December 9th to the 13th, 2004 in Geneva, Switzerland. (A brief description of both sponsoring organizations is below.)

We hope to be able to accommodate approximately 50 participants comprised of stakeholders in the international arena from all geographic regions, particularly those with experience at the CHR or similar UN fora. We invite you to apply by September 30th, 2004 using the form below.

Building on a smaller consultation held in Rio de Janeiro last year, and taking into consideration feedback from participants at the 60th session of the UNCHR, the goals of this Dialogue are to:

- Develop agreed-upon principles for working together (based upon CHR evaluation) and some basic structure, e.g. working groups;

- Carry out some CHR-specific training;

- Engage with the Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights;

- Identify strategies and concrete follow-up re: Brazilian resolution; some engagement with Brazil and key missions;

- Raise awareness of other CHR resolutions & identify lobbying priorities;

- Some engagement with Special Rapporteurs;

- Raise awareness of other international entry-points, e.g. International Criminal Court, UN Committees, Human Rights Committee, etc;

- Explore faith-based responses to human right issues;

- Identify regional priorities, and some engagement with key funders to assist in advancing those priorities.

In terms of funding, we are hoping to assist all selected delegates from Eastern Europe, Asia, Africa and Latin America to attend this conference. "Assisting" might mean direct funding through us, for which we have received monies from the Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA), or facilitating individual delegates to approach their own regional funding sources. We are still in the process of fundraising for conference activities and interpretation/translation, and any assistance that individuals and organizations can provide, including letters of support, would be most appreciated.

As we confirm participants, speakers and venues we will send out more comprehensive information.


Kim Vance, ARC International

Robert Adamson, Liu Institute for Global Issue, Global Justice Program

John Fisher, ARC International

This conference opportunity is being facilitated by ARC International and the Liu Institute for Global Issues.  

ARC International is a project-driven organization designed to make a contribution to the development of a strategic international LGBT human rights agenda. ARC works cooperatively with existing domestic and international organizations active on LGBT and related issues to foster the development of networks, positive communications and access to international human rights mechanisms through the development of resources.

The Liu Institute for Global Issues, based at the University of British Columbia (UBC) in Vancouver, Canada, pursues interdisciplinary and policy-related research and advocacy on global public policy issues related to human security. Its research agenda embraces international relations, human security, peace and disarmament, global public opinion and democratization, the environment, conflict and development, and global health and international justice issues.