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ILGA is looking to hire liaison officers in Asia, Africa and Latin America and the Caribbean
As part of a two year project funded by the Arcus foundation, ILGA, the International Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans and Intersex Association is looking to hire liaison officers in Asia, Africa and Latin America and the Caribbean in order to strengthen its presence in the Regions, to provide support to the relevant regional ILGA Boards and to increase the flow of information between ILGA and its Members.

ILGA’s executive board has decided to open a call to LGBTI groups to host this staff.

The list of criteria as voted by the board is attached.

Preferences will go to groups with a well established work, presence and network in their region, bilingual capacities (in the case of Africa and Latin America and the Caribbean), an office (with a dedicated room and IT connections for that staff), a management structure and ongoing funding.

A regional advisory board for each of the regions will be set up to select the group. It will be composed of one of ILGA’s Secretaries generals, one member of the regional board of the given region (Pan Africa ILGA, ILGA Asia, ILGA LAC) and one staff of ILGA.

The selected groups (one for each region) will be contracted by ILGA and manage ILGA’s regional employee. A global coordinator will act as interlocutor to this project and will visit the staff and local group on a regular basis (2 months per year). ILGA will pay the salary of each ILGA regional employee and contribute to its share of common expenses but not to the rental of the office.

The deadline for groups interested to host ILGA’s staff is July 15. Groups should send a letter of interest to trevorcook@ilga.org outlining their motivations and describing their facilities (pictures are welcomed).

Please note this is not the call for applications for the staff. The latter will follow the decision of the regional advisory board by the end of July.