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Combating sexual orientation discrimination
European Group of Experts reviews legislative measures taken by the Member States of the European Union to combat sexual orientation discrimination
We are pleased to inform you that the report of the Group of Independent Experts on combating sexual orientation discrimination has been published.

The 635 pages report consists of national chapters analyzing the antidiscrimination framework following the implementation of the Framework Directive 2000/78/EC in the "old" member countries, an European overview, comparative analysis and tables, a case study on discriminatory partner benefits.

The report is both visible on the site of the University of Leiden (the official website of the Group)and on the European Commission website.

Chapters and summaries are available in English (summaries, general chapters, and the national chapters of some countries -inter alia, France, Belgium, Italy, Luxemburg- will be available in French soon).

Legal and other information about sexual orientation discrimination which the various chapters of the report make reference to has been stored in the database of CERSGOSIG

Happy Holidays!

Stefano Fabeni

Dott. Stefano Fabeni, LL.M.
J.S.D. candidate
Columbia Law School
Phone: (917)209-0118

Centro di ricerche e studi giuridici comparati sull'orientamento sessuale e l'identita' di genere CERSGOSIG-InformaGay stefano.fabeni@informagay.it www.cersgosig.informagay.it