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1st World Outgames: Human rights Conference
Montreal 2006 is searching for ambassadors to promote its International conference on LGBT rights
North America
The 1st World Outgames are proud to present the largest-ever international conference on lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender rights. The Right to Be Different involves about 2,000 participants from all over the world. The Conference will be held in Montreal on 26-29 July 2006, just before the opening of the 1st World Outgames, at the Palais des Congrès, a vast, spacious and modern convention centre. There will be up to 375 workshops, as well as 7 plenary sessions for all participants, featuring keynote speeches by well-known international speakers involved with LGBT issues.

The Conference has already received substantial funding from the Government of Canada and the Government of Quebec. Also, the major trade unions in Quebec, the CSQ, the CSN and the FTQ, are supporting the event financially and with an active presence on the Scientific Committee.

The International Lesbian and Gay Association (ILGA), a federation fighting worldwide for equal rights for LGBT individuals, is also actively supporting the Conference. Its Co-Secretary-General, Mr. Kursad Kahramanoglu, is a member of the Scientific Committee.

The 36 members of the Scientific Committee include activists, researchers, journalists, and lawyers from all five continents, who are advising on the content of this major event. Ms. Joke Swiebel, former Member of the European Parliament, and Professor Robert Wintemute from the School of Law at King's College London, are the Co-Presidents of the Committee and the Conference. Five themes have been chosen by the Committee: Essential Rights, Global Issues, the Diverse LGBT Community, Participation in Society, Creating Social Change.

It is already possible to register for the International Conference on lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender rights and we recommend that you do so as early as possible for three reasons: First, the early registration discount will save you money! Second, early registration will guarantee that you are able to participate in the Conference and will not be disappointed if registrations exceed capacity. Third, it’s a good way to support the organisation of the Conference. Early registration will assist the organisers in promoting the Conference throughout the world, in encouraging participation from Africa, Asia, Latin America and Eastern Europe, and in raising money for the Outreach Programme that will allow participants from these regions to attend.


Montreal 2006 is searching for ambassadors to promote the International Conference all over the world. These ambassadors will represent the Conference in their respective city/region/country or in their specialisation or field. Ambassadors could participate by making a presentation about the Conference during a particular event, send information by e-mail throughout their network of contacts, or contact organisations that might be interested in this event.

Ambassadors will receive support from Montreal 2006 in terms of promotional material and will have a designated contact within the organisation who they can contact by email for assistance.

We understand that this will undoubtedly take some time to establish and we would like to thank everyone in advance for their contribution and assistance in reaching the maximum of people possible throughout the world. If you are interested in becoming involved, please send an e-mail to Mr. Louis-Philippe Lizotte at conference@montreal2006.org

Montreal 2006