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Tsunami Disaster
Unimaginable emotional distress haunts those who survived - Counselors needed
Sri Lanka
The Tsunami wreaked havoc in Sri Lanka killing and destroying everything in its path. For the lucky ones who survived, life is going to be a terrible burden as they face their losses - their families, their homes, their livelihoods. For the survivors it is nothing short of a miracle.

But what kind of miracle is it really? Stories are emerging of people so traumatized by their ordeal that they cannot even speak. For five days a man had clung on to the dismembered hand of his wife until relief workers were forced to part him and the hand for sanitary and health reasons. "When the wave came I grabbed both my children in my arms and tried to run. But the wave caught me and I was forced to choose between my 6 year old and my baby or else we would have all perished. I can still see the look in his eyes when I let go of him." Fortunately for this woman her 6 year old managed to cling on to a tree and live. But others have not been that lucky.

As more and more stories emerge it is becoming clear that grief and trauma counseling has to be initiated immediately. However, Sri Lanka has no facilities to cope with this situation. EQUAL GROUND is calling for volunteers for grief and trauma counseling to please get in touch with us immediately. We are also prepared to facilitate some kind of short term training program if we can have volunteers to train our people here to handle the need.

Please get in touch with Rosanna at info@equal-ground.org or graycat@sltnet.lk or call +94-11-2682278 or +94-722-254348.