The Entitlements of Full Member Organisations

• At the World Conference, Full Members have the right to propose resolutions, motions, and nominations for positions within ILGA, the Conference Chairing Pool, and to vote in Plenary Sessions.

• Full Members also have the right to attend as observers Executive-Board meetings.

• Full Members receive a copy of ILGA publications and all other ILGA mailings.

The Role of Full Member Organisations in ILGA's work

• Full Members are encouraged to play as extensive a part as possible in ILGA's work, and should, if possible, do the following:

• Set up an International Committee to focus on international work;

• Appoint an International Secretary or ILGA contact who, ideally, would:

o Act as the main link with ILGA;
o Co-ordinate the work of the International Committee;
o Familiarize her/himself with ILGA's work and programmes;
o Attend ILGA conferences.

• Respond to urgent calls for action by ILGA; your own organisation can ask ILGA to send out an Urgent Action Call on your behalf when international support is needed in your country.

• Respond to requests for support by ILGA' s regional and global working parties by, for example, lobbying your national government on a particular campaign issue;

• Tell us about your organisation's successes and set-backs, and especially of any experiences, information, or knowledge which would prove useful to other member organisations, for publication in this web-site and other ILGA media.

• Provide news stories on developments in your country for publication in ILGA media and communication. Especially our website We have developed this website to serve as a portal for our members’ press releases and calls for action. We invite you to send press releases or communications that you would like to have considered for publication on or in our news bulletin to the following address: Please expressly mention that ILGA has the right to republish any material that you send us.

• Review the information on your country in the “Country by Country Legal Survey” ( and inform us of any updates or corrections that need to be made.

• Organise at least one fund-raising event for ILGA each year;

• Support the development of an ILGA Region for your part of the world;

• Consider proposing candidates for ILGA boards at world and regional level;

• Support the programme of developing ILGA regional structures for your region.

• Consider hosting a World or Regional Conference; offer to run work-shops on subjects where your organisation has particular experience or skills;

• Promote ILGA's work in your own country:

o Publicize ILGA
o Encourage other organisations and individuals to become members;
o Include the words "Member of the International Lesbian and Gay
Association" on your organisation's communications and stationary.

• If you have a web-site, link it to ours - and tell us your site address, so we can reciprocate.