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Death of Brian Williamson
Homo Festival in Belarus
Homophobia / Poland
ILGALAC III Conference Santiago
In the workplace / Trade Unions
LGBT rights in Nepal / BDS
Organizing our coming out at the UN
Policy Making
Same-sex marriage
Stopping Jamaican Hate music
World Legal Survey
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Latin America and Caribbean

Same sex marriage law in Mexico
¡Que viva Mexico!
The Mexico City legislature yesterday passed with a two thirds majority an initiative to make it possible for people of the same sex to marry each other and adopt children....
Campaign against Pathologization
Stop Trans Pathologization 2012
The campaign and its demands This next October 17th, a manifestation Against Trans Pathologization will take place in different parts of the world. To this day, 167 groups...
ILGA Secretary general
Gloria Careaga-Perez
Gloria Careaga-Perez is a feminist and social psychologist. Since 1979 she has been a teacher at the Faculty of Psychology in the National Autonomous University of Mexico...
Towards a Mercosur without Homophobia
We are convinced that LGBT issues will become an integral part of the Mercosur’s agenda
By Alexandre Böer, SOMOS - Comunicação, Saúde e Sexualidade/Porto Alegre and Beto de Jesus, co-Secretary-General, ILGA-LAC. The Meeting of High Level Authorities in Human Rights...
ILGA-LAC - Somos
ILGA-LAC Conference Lima
4th Regional Conference in Latin America and the Caribbean
After its 3rd Regional Conference held in Chile in 2004, ILGA will hold its 4th meeting in Latin America and the Caribbean. The conference will take place in Lima from 20 –...
Gaining the right to speak at the UN
UN Committee on NGOs postpones decision on the status of ABGLT until January of 2008
May 17, 2007, International Day Against Homophobia (IDAHO), ABGLT, the Brazilian Association of Gays, Lesbians, Bisexuals, Transvestites and Transexuals, represented at the UN Committee...
Jamaican gay leader escapes lynching
Police batter victim of homophobic mob
London and Kingston, Jamaica - 20 February 2007. Four men narrowly escaped being lynched by a homophobic mob in Kingston, Jamaica, on Valentine's Day, last Wednesday, 14 February...
The association is the largest in South America
ABGLT, Brazilian federation elects its new board with 65% of total votes
Two different groups were candidates in the elections for the new board of directors of the Brazilian Gay, Lesbian and Trans Association (ABGLT), held on November 18th. The winning...
Mercosur Countries and associated states commit themselves to the fight against homophobia
The Brazilian LGBT movement is very satisfied with the results of the V Meeting of High Level Authorities in Human Rights of the Mercosur and Associated States, held in Brasília...
São Paulo Pride
More than two million people!
On May 29, 2005, more than 2 million people gathered in São Paulo's 9th LGBT Parade - "9ª Parada do Orgulho GLBT", its official name - in a clear demonstration of the rising support...
LGBT Voices from the UN / 2005
Statistically, situations related to intersexuality have place in one over 2 500 births; the immense majority of those intersex children will suffer, since the very beginning of their lives, invasive and mutilating procedures
Item 13 – Rights of the Child Mr Chairman, I’m Mauro Cabral, from MADRE. I’m here to speak about a secret but daily occurring horror; intersex infantil genital mutilation....
LGBT Voices from the UN / 2005
Legislation exists that seeks not only to discriminate, but also, in fact to convert people's gender identity or expression into an offense.
Oral statement of MADRE – An Internatonal Women's Human Rights Organization 61st session of the United Nations Commission on Human Rights. Item 14: Specific groups and individuals:...
Feminist Dialogue
A group of 7 organizations and networks will convene a second international Feminist Dialogue in Porto Alegre, Brazil, from 23-24 January
The Dialogue will convene prior to the World Social Forum as an autonomous event. As such, it is not primarily about strategies or orientation regarding the WSF (which we hope could...
Feminist Dialogue
Regional Conference: ILGA-LAC renamed ILTGA LAC
Secularisation, civic duties, and the inclusion of gender identity in the LGBT rights movement were the main themes of the 3rd Latin American and Caribbean conference of ILGA in Santiago de Chile
The third in a series, the ILGA-LAC (Latin American and Caribbean) conference, held in Santiago de Chile September 14th-17th was witness to a strong lesbian and transgender presence,...
Beenie Man's homophobic lyrics
OutRage! writes to EMI and Virgin Records
London, 16 August 2004 - EMI and Virgin Records are being condemned for signing and promoting Jamaican reggae star, Beenie Man, following his call for the "execution" of gay people. The...
Amnesty confirms: Buju Banton accused of gay-bashing
Human Rights Watch (New York) interviews victims "We can confirm that Amnesty International has received information from reputable national and international human rights organisations...
III Latin American and Caribbean Regional Conference
Homosexualities, globalization and social movements in Latin America, are the topics that will open the conference of the International Lesbian and Gays Association (ILGALAC) in...
Stop Murder Music: Europe Action Alert
European gay and human rights groups are being urged to monitor and mobilize against homophobic Jamaican reggae singers who incite the murder of homosexuals.
The appeal comes from British queer rights group OutRage! The offending "murder music" singers are Bounty Killer, Elephant Man, TOK, Capleton, Beenie Man, Sizzla Kalonji, Buju...
Brian Williamson
Call for protest after death of Jamaican activist
Dear Brothers and Sisters After the killing of my dear friend Brian Williamson, we continue our writing to create awareness of our situation world wide. A letter of sorrow...
African Rapport
Slain Jamaican gay leader honoured in London
PM Patterson accused of collusion with anti-gay violence
Jamaica’s Prime Minister PJ Patterson shares responsibility for the wave of homophobic violence, culminating in the murder of Brian Williamson, said British gay human rights campaigner...
Gay Rights leader murdered and mutilated
Jamaican PM urged to combat homophobic violence
LONDON - "The Jamaican Prime Minister PJ Patterson must repeal the ban on homosexuality, order a police crackdown on homophobic hate-crime, ban dancehall lyrics that incite the murder...
UN 2004 - NGO statement: intersexuality
For intersex persons, mutilation creates a permanent status of human rights violation and inhumanity
Speech given by Mauro Cabral / Argentina. Intersexuality and Human Rights (Item 10, Economic, Social and Cultural Rights). This Commission will hear a great deal about discrimination...
UN 2004 - NGO Statement on LGBT rights
Fundamentalist religions, doctrines, and politics cannot sustain the shame of the inequality suffered by people because of their sexual orientation and gender identity.
Pedro Anibal Paradiso Sottile and Cesar Cigliutti (CHA - argentina) 's speech at the 60th Session of the United Nations Commission on Human Rights. (Item 14: Vulnerable groups) Dear...
ILGA Team in Geneva
Carlos Sanchez
Carlos Sánchez joins the social struggle since primary school, taking part in the generalized popular claim arisen by Salvador Allende’s election for the Presidency of Chile in 1970....
ILGA Team in Geneva
Beto de Jesus
Beto de Jesus, 41, educator, is one of the founders of the LGBT Pride Parade in São Paulo, and was its Coordinator from 1999 to 2002. Presently he is the General Secretary of the...
ILGA Team in Geneva
Pedro Anibal Paradiso Sottile
Pedro Anibal Paradiso Sottile, 31, activist for the Comunidad Homossexual Argentina (CHA), member of the Board and Coordinator of the Legal Department. CHA has been working in Argentina...
Permanent Mission of Brazil to the United Nations
Brazil postpones debate over resolution on sexual orientation
Offcial communiqué / 29.3.04 “Brazil attaches great importance to the defence, promotion and protection of human rights and has always opposed the politicisation of the debates...
Permanent Mission of Brazil to the United Nations
Carlos Sanchez, ILGA LAC rep tells us about his cuban experience
Carlos Sanchez, ILGA’s male representative for the Latin America and Carribean Region, reports on his recent trip to Cuba to participate in the Third Hemispheric Meeting Against...
Brazilian resolution
Argentina will support the Brazilian resolution
In March 11th the Minister of Outer Relations of Argentina, Dr Rafael Bielsa, had communicate with the Comunidad Homosexual Argentina (CHA) to confirm and to advance the affirmative...
UN - Brazilian resolution
Gender equity
'Full article of Emir Sader as published in 'Jornal do Brasil' on feb 1, 2004' - a free translation by Anibal Guimarães Two different news, bad and good, on the same topic...
Cry for my Sisters, Argentina
All I knew about Argentina was its recent turbulent relations with the International Monetary fund, its dark and sad period of military junta, “Tango” and that Argentineans eat lots...
The biggest international meeting of teachers
Education International holds conference on LGBT issues at School in Porto Alegre

Education international will hold its 4th World Congress, in Porto Alegre, Brazil from 22-26 July with a specific programme on LGBT rights. The Congress theme, Education for Global...
Education International