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Around the world

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Around the world
We are very strongly committed to community building and act accordingly, trying to help each of our six regions to stand on its own, network with its community and organisations and lobby institutions on a local level.

You may contact ILGA’s representatives in order to get information on the LGBTI movement or if you need help on cases related to sexual orientation and human rights. Please bear in mind they are activists elected by their peers, volunteering their time and energy.

The ILGA Executive Board consists of two Secretaries General (Gloria Careaga and Renato Sabaddini), a Women’s and a Trans Secretariat, and two representatives from each of the six ILGA regions:

- Africa
- Asia – ILGA Asia
- Australia, New Zealand and Pacific Islands
- Europe – ILGA-Europe
- Latin America and the Caribbean – ILGALAC
- North America

In Europe, along with the two regional representatives sitting on its Executive board, ILGA benefits from one its great successes: throughout the years, ILGA-Europe, which was founded in Madrid in 1996, has become the interlocutor of major European institutions on LGBT issues. It receives core funding from the European Commission, enjoys consultative status with the Council of Europe and is a member of the Platform of European Social NGOs and the Pink Triangle Coalition.